Goechala Trek in Sikkim

Sikkim is a favorite destination for trekking for its Kanchenjunga Range. Kanchenjunga is the third highest mountain range and famous for
the wilderness of nature that trekkers find all along the way. One such trek that provides its trekkers the entire prospective of mountains, local culture, residents, panoramic sight of grand Kanchenjunga with an imposing view of other Himalayan Mountains is Goechala Trek.

All along the trek you will find thick Rhododendron forests, calm rivers, grand meadows, mighty mountains, and frosty path. Goechala Trek is a compulsory trekking destination for every trekker.


Beside true natural beauty, Sikkim is the land that acquires the legendary chronicles in its kitty. It has steep mountainside and development of mystified vegetation like cactus, orange trees, oak, and orchids, makes the travelers amazed by the wilderness of the nature. Kanchenjunga, the third-highest mountain in the world, holds such astonishing exquisiteness
that constantly changes with the sun-light. A cloud of snow always drapes its peak and proffers an astounding sight to the spectators. This is why Trekking in Sikkim is considered as the Mecca for trekkers.


Unlike trekking in any other part of Himalayan mountain range, trekking in Northeast is very unusual. Trekkers are usually stunned by the dissimilarity of the mountains, the tracks, the culture and people from the other parts of the country and; therefore, Goechala trek is compulsory for every trekker. Goechala Trek in Sikkim, because of its altitude of
4940m, attracts trekkers worldwide for its magnificent view of grand Kanchenjunga among an imperial vista of the other Himalayan Mountains.


The enthralling walk in the Tshoka Rhododendron forests, the mystifying blue waters of Samiti lake, the wide Dzongri
and Thansing pastures, the menacing existence of Kanchejunga and Pandim and the frosty track; all make
Goechala trek one of the most
romantic trek of Himalayan range.


The duration of the trek is 10 days and provides the opportunity to experience the raw adventure of trekking in the
dominion of gigantic mountain peaks looming directly above the trekkers when base camp is placed amid the sight of rumbling landslide and
lofty mountain glaciers. The densest Rhododendron forest of India and the view of highest mountains in Himalayas are the highlights of the
Goechala trek

The trek commenced from Yuksom, the nice charming hill station, where the trekkers can stock up their provisions for
trail. The first camp is set at Sachen at the outskirts of the River Prek, which is not seen but can hear the rushing sound of water from a
distance. In between Bakhim is the place where every trekker loves to stay for its spectacular view of Yuksom valley. Dzongri;
the large grazing land is enclosed by the mighty peaks of Kanchenjunga range in all directions. Prekchu River from Kokchurang provides
you to experience the cool breeze and crystal clear icy blue water. The Samiti Lake after Lamuney offers you the serene ambiance where
you can watch mountain goats and blue birds at its shore. From Samiti Lake, the last destination is Goechala.
You can return by reverse trek of Thansing to Tshokha, to Sachen To Yuksom and then finally NJP.

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