Goechala Trek: A walk towards Indias Highest Peak

Goechala Pass Trek has suddenly gained popularity in the trekking world. The only trek in the
Sikkim Himalayas that takes you to the base of India’s highest peak, Kanchenjunga. In spite of
its difficult grade of trekking, many trekkers pave their way towards the Goecha La pass. The
best time to be on this wonderful trek route is from October to May when the colorful
rhododendrons bloom and eventually winter arrives.

Yuksom the base of this arduous yet alluring trek leads to Kanchenjunga National Park, which is
a treasure of flourished flora and fauna. Hardly will you see any sunlight on the route with the
dense forests. Also, these trails are usually traffic jammed due Yaks. Tshoka is another famous
camping site at 9700 feet. This is the place where one can observe horses grazing on the lush
green meadows with Mount Pandim and a series of mountain ranges in the background.

The wooden logs paved way from Tshoka seems just like a blissful staircase taking you into the
arms of the mountains. The terrain henceforth suddenly gets clearer with forests disappearing
slowly. Additionally, there will be abrupt ascents descents until Dzongri camping site. The
Dzongri top is one of the blessed places. With only an hour’s hike to the sunrise point, you can
get submerged into the sublime Sleeping Buddha formed by the magnificent Kanchenjunga
range. No one should ever miss the magic of fluorescent rays on Sleeping Buddha, as if gets
covered by a glowing Golden Fleece. These few satisfactory moments will rejuvenate you to
aspire more and more. Not many know that the Goechala route passes through the Himalayan
Mountaineering Institute (HMI) training route. Dzongri being their frequently used stop.

After Dzongri the vigor gets multiplied by a thousand times and the only thirst is to get the sight
of Kanchenjunga. The path till Lamuney is easy to moderate going zig-zag around and between
the hills with Mount Pandim, Kabru etc showing their elegance. Summit day will test your
strength, both mental and physical with 13 hours of continuous trek. The trek starts in the dark
early morning crossing Samiti lake, through ecstatic white dessert Zemthang, grey boulders,
steep climb to the Goechala Pass. The only motivation that keeps you going is the sight of
magnificent Kanchenjunga.

Goechala Trek in Sikkim is one of the best gift offered to all the adventure seekers. One should
only take the most out of this mystic trek while the perfect triangular summit of Kanchenjunga
keeps calling you!

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